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Making East Africa a Brighter Place

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Tahoe Solar

Making East Africa a Brighter Place

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Tahoe Solar

Our Services

Pumped Storage Hyrdro

Pumped Hydro storage is a technolagy proven for more than a century, providing great value to grids around the world.

Utility Scale Lithium Ion Storage

Lithium Ion batteries provide a great number of ancillary services to the grid.

Financed Solar

Solar energy is evolving, and with floating solar, solar trackers and bifacial modules you can get the best LCOE available.

Welcome to Tahoe Solar

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Tahoe Solar is powering a sustainable future, one project at a time. Led by an experienced management team, we work with high consumers to help them take advantage of free energy from the sun. Our process is as follows:

  • Identify potential projects that can have a big impact
  • Design the ideal solar system – including prefeasibility and feasibility studies, financial model design and more
  • Connect to finance
  • Ensure quality installation
  • Ensure O&M is in place
  • Alternative benefits for client including carbon credits, case studies, marketing videos and more

For C&I solar installations and utility scale solar plants across East Africa, we choose to focus on the most innovative and impactful projects. One of our competitive advantages is that we are capable to design with:

  • Ground mount and roof mount PV
  • Single Axis Trackers
  • Floating PV
  • Dual Axis Trackers
  • Bifacial PV
  • Agri-Voltaics
  • And More!



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