Tahoe Solar

Utility Scale Batteries

Battery storage projects provide an enticing new opportunity for landowners and investors alike. As a market that will see significant growth over the coming years we see exciting new opportunities in a sector that will be critical to meeting our climate change needs.

Whereas our pumped storage hydro projects will provide long-term storage capacity, our batteries will provide short-term services (less than 4 hours) to the electricity system. As the system decarbonises, becoming steadily more reliant on intermittent green renewable generation, storage will play a role of increasing importance in balancing the grid and ensuring security of supply.

East Africa in particular has been identified as having a specific need for new storage assets. To help address this, Tahoe Solar intends to identify and secure several high-quality locations throughout East Africa. We offer to the market shovel ready projects with all development rights and permits secured ready to be to be constructed and operated. Some 1GW of capacity is being developed, with projects available for consideration now.